Please kindly be informed that the Embassy of the State of Eritrea to Japan will be closed from 24 December 2018 to 7 January 2019 in observance of Japanese Emperor’s Birthday, Western Christmas, New Year Holidays, and Eritrean Christmas. The Embassy will resume normal functions on Tuesday, 8 January 2019.

For VISA Applicants;
Please kindly note that Embassy close from 24 December 2018 to 7 January 2019.
Those who wish to obtain visa before this closure must submit all the necessary documents, duly completed, by 14 December 2018; which means all the applications and attachments, and the passport must be delivered to the Embassy no later than 17:00 (Japan Standard Time) 14 December 2018. (For the applicants from outside of Japan, by 12 December 2018)
Please kindly understand that the Embassy shall not issue a visa (for 2018)  if the documents are not duly completed or the delivery by courier/postal service to the Embassy is after the deadline mentioned above.

If the documents are incomplete, the Embassy shall not issue a visa (for 2018) and the documents and passport will be returned to the applicant. Please apply for a visa again after the Embassy resume normal functions on 8 January 2019. Also, please be noted that it is impossible to apply for a visa in December 2018 and will receive the visa in January 2019.

Office Closed: Monday, December 24th through Monday, January 7th
Last Business Day 2018: Friday, December 21st
Final deadline for Visa Applications 2018: Friday, December 14th



Embassy of the State of Eritrea, Tokyo
ST Building 4F, 4-7-4 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan Zip code #108-0071
Tel: +81-3-5791-1815 Fax: +81-3-5791-1816

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Entry Visa

To visit Eritrea, all the citizens outside Eritrea are required to apply an entry visa.

Note Change of Application Form  <26th Jan 2012>
Please download the new application form from this website(below). We won't accept the old application form.

Necessary Documents
Please send all the necessary documents described below by Genkin Kakitome (cash registered mail) from Japan Postal Service.

- Two Applications
- Two facial photos (Passport Size 50mm × 43mm)
- Application fee (Japanese yen only)
- Passport
- Letter*
- A Kakitome Envelop with 540 JPY Stamp. You can purchase a Kakitome envelop at Japan Postal Service. Please write down your name, postal address and e-mail address.

* Business Visa: Two recommendation letters written by a sponsor/s during your stay. It must mention the business outlines and a purpose of entry.
* Tourist Visa: Two travel itineraries
*Official Visa: Note Verbal issued by the governmental authority

Application download
Visa Application Form (PDF/280KB)

Application Fee (Japanese Yen Cash Only):


TYPE Normal
Tourist ¥5,000
Business ¥7,000
Official Gratis
Student ¥5,000
Employment ¥7,000
Other ¥5,000
Transit ¥3,000


TYPE Normal
Business (3 months) ¥11,000
Business (6 months) ¥20,000
Business (1 year) ¥30,000
Official Gratis

Normal procedure will take 5 working days for issuance.
For more information, call+81-3-5791-1815

Important Information for Non-nationals coming to work in Eritrea 2007 (PDF/624KB)

Shipping Charge
*Applicant from R. Korea or Taiwan:
Please remit additional 900 JPY with application fee.
We will send the document back by EMS(Certified Express Mailing Service).

*Applicant from Other Nations:
Call+81-3-5791-1815for more information.

Send an Email toinfo@eritreaembassy-japan.orgor Call+81-3-5791-1815


■ Citizen's Service

-Issuing New Passport* / $150

-Passport Renewal $75

-Passport Replacement $190

1. Two Application Forms with Signature.
2. Application Fee. (*1)
3. Four Passport Size Photographs (3.5cm×4.5cm)
4.Two Photo Copies of the Eritrean ID Card (both sides)
(5. Your Current Passport)

* Application form is available at the consular section of the Embassy.

Application download

Application form for passport renewal (page1-2) (PDF/674KB)
Application form for replacement of passport(page1-2) (PDF/804KB)

----- Duly completed set of the documents mentioned above must to be sent by Cash Registered Mail or EXPACK 500 to the Embassy -----

■ Legal Service

-Notary Service 7,200Yen

-Service Letters 2,400Yen

■ Tax

Taxation Form (2% Tax Form Proclamation)

Application download

【2014】Taxation Form (PDF/864KB)

For further information, contact the consular section of the embassy.

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